1 dia en sevilla

We’ll walk through the Plaza de España (Spain’s Square) right in the heart of Maria Luisa Park; the old tobacco factory, Today transformed into a University, continuing all the way to the river, where next to the Torre del Oro (Golden tower) we’ll enjoy the views of the Guadalquivir river, the true engine of this city. Carrying on through the Arenal neighbourhood, we’ll arrive to the Cathedral and Giralda and we’ll uncover all their mysteries.

A break for lunch to recover our strength.

In the afternoon, we’ll complete our tour with the Alcazar and the charming Santa Cruz neighbourhood.

Details: Aprox duration 6 hours

Schedule: Morning or Afternoon.

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Covering everything included in the Essential Seville Tour, as well as the following sites:

La plaza de España (Spain’s Square): Originally the Spanish pavilion for the 1929 Latin-American EXPO, it displays a rich symbolism representing the different Spanish provinces through exquisite ceramic benches. Hailed as one of the prettiest squares in Spain, you may experience a déjà-vu feeling about it as a large number of movies have used it as a shooting location. You can’t leave Seville without seeing it!

La Real Fábrica de Tabacos (Royal Tobacco Factory): was built in the XVIII century and is still one of Spain’s largest civilian buildings. Its premises are used today by some of the faculties of Seville’s University. You may have heard about Carmen, Seville’s cigarette seller, who’s believed to have worked here.

The Guadalquivir River: Like in many other places, a river is usually the true engine of the city. Known as “Large River” by the Arabs or “Betis” by the Romans, it turned Seville into the gate and the Port Of Indies in the XV century and today we couldn’t understand the city without it.

El Archivo de Indias (General Archive of the Indies):  the Cathedral steps were originally the site of a market until the Casa Lonja, Today the General Archive of the Indies, was built.


1 dia en sevilla