tapasWhat is a tapa? From what are the tapas? Where do I go for tapas? These are some of the questions that people made when they come to Seville, and the answer to these questions is very simple. The tapa is in principle a snack that accompanies a drink that is served directly unless the client asks for it in many places in Spain.

In Seville, the tapa must be asked for it separately, and indicate what you want. Each bar usually announces their own specialties in a whiteboard on the outside. It can be from a piece of bread with ham or cheese to something much more elaborate that's Haute cuisine, but in common is that it tends to be a portion for one person. It allows you to try different dishes and is one of the most common ways of eating, 2, 3, 4 tapas, depends on the appetite and we will have a meal.

There are many theories about the origin of the tapas. Some have in common to avoid the effects of the alcohol; either at the time of King Alfonso X (13th century) or of the Catholics Kings to advise that with the glass of wine is accompanied with some food at the choice of the innkeeper. Other versions have starring Miguel de Cervantes or King Alfonso XIII in which after serving them a glass of wine topped with a slice of ham, asked another "tapa"...

Tapas in Seville, in depending on personal taste, you can find “spinach with chick peas”, “dogfish in Adobo” (is a marinated and fried fish), “tortilla de patatas”, “whiskey Sirloin”, “croquettes” "aborigines with honey", "pavias"... the list is endless. You could consider them more classic but in many places they are more innovative.

The best place to go for tapas is usually changing bar, and not always in the same. Good neighborhoods for tapas are Santa Cruz, Triana, El Arenal; San Lorenzo, El Salvador... in all Seville you will find places that will surprise you.

Tip: it is said that one of the most ancient bars of the city is 'El Rinconcillo' of 1670, if you go, be sure to try the Pavia of cod or hake.