jacarandaIf you come in May, sure that you will ask yourself about these trees of blue flowers or lilacs that you see around all Seville. They are Jacarandas.

These trees grow relatively fast and reach 6 to 10 meters in height; its origin can be found in South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina...)

It is precisely in Argentina where there is a legend that tells us about the origin of this tree. Pilar, a young Spanish girl with dark hair and blue eyes immigrated with his father to Argentina and settled in the province of Corrientes. There she felt in love with a young aborigine, Mbareté. As the father of the girl not approved the relationship, the two escaped and went to live on the banks of a river in a hut. One day, there were discovered by the father who killed the couple in a fit of anger and leave their bloody bodies abandoned. Repented for what he had done, the man returned to the site of the killing and discovered that the bodies were no longer, but instead had grown a beautiful tree of strong trunk full of blue flowers. Man realized that God had felt mercy and so had become that beautiful tree to the young man and that her daughter's eyes were looking at him from every one of the blue flowers.

In Seville, the legend tells that the jacarandas first arrived as a gift of relief from a diplomat who had been admonished by cutting a rose in the Park of Maria Luisa and promised to send a tree that would be covered in flowers.

Some of the most old trees are found in the Maria Luisa Park in the plaza de America, but my favorite sight is found in the gardens of the Alcázar Palace, next to the Puerta de Marchena, the contrasts of the jacaranda, Bougainville, Cypress and orange trees create a perfect image, and adding the blue sky you will have a magical memory of Seville.