visita museo bellas artes sevilla

This tour takes us through a completely different route and locations: the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the best picture galleries; The Church of the Saviour and its living museum and, something completely unique, the Metropol Parasol, better known as “Las Setas (The Mushrooms)”

Details: Aprox duration 3 hours

Times: Morning and afternoon.

Would you like some more details?

Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts): The XVII century was named the Golden century. Masterful painters such as Murillo, Valdés or Zurbarán worked in Sevilla, decorating several churches and convents; today many of their pictures are shown in the Museum of Fine Arts, the second largest art gallery of Spain. The same museum that once was the Convent of the Merced has not only works from the XVII century on display, but a wide range of masterpieces from Flemish masters to the Costumbrism paintings of the XIX. One of this tour’s lesser known gems!

The Church of the Saviour: Originally the ancient Mosque and today the second church in size and importance after the Cathedral. Here not just art and history are important, but also festivities and folkways, being the headquarters for two of the world famous Easter’s brotherhoods and the traditional brotherhood of the Rocio.

The Metropol-Parasol, where the tour will finish, known commonly as the ”Mushrooms” is a place where contemporary architecture meets sculpture, likely to leave you in awe.

museo bellas artes sevilla